About the Story

IMG_4052 You are about to wander along a journey into the unknown realms of my imagination.

My name is C. X. Cruz.

You’ll see it around all over here, I’m sure. This is my space, my corner of the internet. I hope that you enjoy it with me.

This is more than just one story. It’s a collective. Many stories. The universe won’t change much; and many of these characters here will be related. You’ll get to know them intimately. Some more so than others. The voice may change. Some events may happen years before others. But rest assured, there will always be some connection. I hope that I can make it to where you will see it.

I have been told many times that I have a touch of eccentricity about me. I hope that it is true, because I believe that the most important writers of all time have at least some shade of eccentricity about them, themselves.

I can only aspire to such greatness.

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